SCA Sustainability

Because of our love for Fire Island and the Village of Saltaire, The Directors of the SCA established a new initiative in 2018, The SCA Sustainability Project.

The goals are:
  • Raise awareness about the management of natural resources in Saltaire;
  • Promote the use of recycling material, and to minimize waste;
  • Minimize our Fire Island "footprint;"
  • Foster and support models, policies and programs which will put the Village of Saltaire at the forefront of the effort to promote sustainability and resource management on Fire Island.

The SCA Monarch Butterfly Project

One of the Sustainability projects is to promote Monarch butterfly migration on the eastern seaboard. We have identified two types of plants native to Saltaire: Butterfly Milkweeds (ASCLEPIAS TUBEROSA - orange blooms) and Swamp Milkweeds (ASCLEPIAS INCARNATA - pink blooms). The SCA encourages every household to plant these lovely native species to encourage the health of the Monarch migration. We had plants at the SCA Fall Festival, and plan to make them available again in the spring. Some quick facts:

  • Monarch butterfly larvae only eat milkweed.
  • The butterflies themselves need nectar plants.
  • Milkweed is deer resistant.
  • Milkweed are hardy, and need full sun.
  • Tuberosa plants grow to 1 - 3 ft; Incarnata plants grow 3 - 5 ft.

Tracy Dockray put together an informative video on the SCA Milkweed Project: