Saltaire Citizens Association

Playground Renderings

We are thrilled to present these artist renderings of our beautiful Saltaire playground and park.

This view is facing south, towards the Art Shed.  

This view highlights both the sets of swings, including baby seats, big kids swings and a special swaddle crow's nest swing (for kids of all ages). In the front left corner of the image, is the toddler-specific climbing structure. Covered with generous shade, this offers climbing, balance and play activities for the smaller children in our village. To the right is the older kids structure. Also containing generous shade, it also includes bridges, rope climbing structures and a tall slide. This unit is accessible for people in a wheelchair or with other mobility considerations. In the back of the image, are various seating elements and tables for children. The ample shaded seating and an accessible walking path are shown along the southern border in this view. Additionally, the shade is produced by both planted elements as landscaping as well as covered wooden seating and the Art Shed deck.

This view is facing Pacific Walk. 

Featured in the foreground of this image, is the beautiful, accessible and natural walking path.  The feature will provide seating, shade and a method for accessible movement into the playground and park areas.  The center of the image highlights a sailboat swing! We are particularly excited about this feature because it's a fabulous opportunity for kids of all ages to play together and fits right in in Saltaire! In the back left corner of the image, you can see the outline of the newly designed gazebo.  The gazebo will be a great place for caregivers to sit in a shady spot and enjoy the view of their kids playing and their natural surroundings.  In the back right corner of this image, you can see a picnic area.  With ample seating, a table and shade, this will be another place where community members can gather and spend time enjoying the community space.  

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If you need assistance with anything having to do with donating to the playground, please reach out to our Playground Committee.  You can email us at